Waste King H711-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser

Waste King H711-U-SN Coronado Water Dispenser

Waste King H711-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser

by Waste King

  • Add convenience and elegance to your kitchen, the 1300-Watt hot water tank produces up to 100 cups of hot water per hour
  • AB1953 Compliant, Replaces H710-U-SN
  • Near boiling temperature water ready for soups, tea, no stovetop boiling no mess no water waste
  • Tank Dimensions: Height 11.2 inches, Width 6.8 inches, Depth 8.1 inches
  • Open vent satin nickel faucet included
  • Part number H711-U-SN is a combo unit which includes both hot water tank and satin finish faucet (AH-1300-C-hot water tank & H711-SN-satin finish hot water faucet)
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Product Description

Instant hot water dispenser 1300-Watt hot water tank and Coronado Collection faucet included. Part number H711-U-SN is a combo unit which includes both hot water tank and satin finish faucet (AH-1300-C-hot water tank and H711-SN-satin finish hot water faucet).

Product Review


wasteking duo
Delivers up to 100 cups per hour of instant
near-boiling water ().

Add the convenience of instant hot water to your kitchen with the Waste King H711-U-SN hot water dispenser kit, which includes a 1300-watt hot water tank and elegantly curved Coronado faucet in satin nickel. Youll have near-boiling water at your fingertips (up to 190 degrees F) to help you prepare instant drinks like tea and hot chocolate, instant soups, and more. No need to wait for the water to boil, no water waste, and no mess.

The H711-U-SN hot water dispenser offers fingertip adjustment, enabling you to switch the water temperature from 140 degrees F to a near-boiling 190 degrees F. The 1300-watt heating element provides a fast recovery time, and the large 5/8-gallon reservoir delivers a generous 100 cups-per-hour capacity. Its also highly energy efficient, using less electricity than a 40-watt light bulb and typically costing you less than $2 per month to use.

The insulated stainless steel tank is not under pressure, and the self-contained expansion chamber reduces dripping. The easy-to-install Quick-Connect fittings and improved connections reduce probability of kinked or twisted water lines. The dispenser comes installed with a power cord, and its backed by a 1-year replacement warranty.

Whats in the Box

H711-U-SN hot water dispenser kit with 5/8-gallon capacity water tank and Coronado faucet in satin nickel

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Typical installation ().
wasteking faucet
Coronado faucet in satin nickel ().
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At a Glance
H711-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser
  • 1300-watt, 5/8-gallon hot water tank produces up to 100 cups of hot water per hour
  • Near boiling temperature water ready for soups, tea, hot chocolate, and more
  • No stovetop boiling, no mess, no water waste
  • Fingertip thermostat adjustment from 140 to 190 degrees F
  • Includes open vent satin nickel Coronado faucet
  • 1-year replacement warranty

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
 (311 customer reviews)

Night and Day difference between Waste King and Insinkerator., October 15, 2012
Wow. I've purchase 2 Insinkerator hot water dispensers in the past (installed them myself), and the quality of the Waste King appears to be (from the outside) much, much better than the Insinkerator. The last Insinkerator I had was a stainless steel tank, but the connections that come out of the tank are all plastic, and eventually leaked. It isn't even that they eventually leaked that made me angry, it was that these plastic connection pieces were custom made for the Insinkerator tank, are not universal connectors, and can't be replaced because they are specialized. I think Insinkerator does this on purpose, because when I called them about the fittings, they said they couldn't give me the parts, and that I would need to buy the whole tank. Also, the Insinkerator is practically double the price of the Waste King. The faucet that comes with the Insinkerator is all chrome-looking plastic, where as the faucet that comes with the Waste King IS ALL METAL, and the hoses that come out.

What a hot mess, February 2, 2013
sardatnews "sard" (SF, CA)
This is a nice looking faucet and feels very solid. The tank heats up water quietly and rapidly. However, be warned that this product is a bit of a frankenstein. The tank portion and the faucet appear to have been pulled from different suppliers and dumped into a box, with two sets of instructions. That wouldn't be so bad if the people who paired these together actually took the time to install one of these from start to finish. If they had, they would realize the instructions don't match the products, and neither does the hardware. There are three hoses coming from the faucet, two are standard 3/8 braided plumbing hoses. One attaches to the tank with no problem. The second one is male threaded, but when attaching to the cold water inlet you need female threaded (for most standard set-ups). Then there is a 1/4 inch plastic hose, which is supposed to attach to a 3/8 outlet on the top of the tank. This is not a flexible rubber hose, it is stiff plastic and will NOT fit over the wider.

MUCH MUCH easier than ISE, February 2, 2013
M. Henderson
Replaces an ISE that we had had forever. (~15 years - before they got cheap) The last set of installation hacks with the granite counter tops and stripped custom plastic connectors resulted in plastic tubing and c-clamps - when those gave way it was time to replace.

This installation was VERY easy! The quick connectors were so easy and so quick I was thinking to myself, "Really, is that all there is to it?" But really that is all there is to it, and no leaks. Fits in a standard sink-top / counter-top hole, attached to the 3" granite counter no problem.

The Satin Nickel goes very well with our stainless steel Delta faucet: Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser, Stainless

Someone made a comment about the base getting hot at the faucet, if that is.

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